A Little Update…(see what I did there?)

“It is very tempting to want to ‘hate’ grief,
to see it as the enemy, the unwelcome guest.
Instead, try opening yourself to grief…
ask it what it has to teach you.
Ask it what it is training you to do, to be.
Ask this uninvited teacher into your life
and notice how things begin to shift.
Remember that grief never asks you to let go of love.”

— Ashley Davis Prend

Grief, at times, has been debilitating painful for me. It has also been one of the greatest teachers.

It has taught me to never take a moment for granted.

It has taught me to love with my whole heart.

It has taught me to reevaluate the way I spend my time.

It has taught me that THINGS don’t matter. Like at all. But people DO.

It has taught me to not procrastinate…to take the vacation, to say all of the things, and to forgive without reservation.

This is not to say that I am perfect. I still struggle with all of these things to an extent. But when you experience a profound loss as I, and many others, have, your priorities really do shift.  I try so much harder now that I ever did before to live without regret.

That being said, we (The Little-Bell Fam) are doing something a little bit crazy–something that I would NEVER have been open to before loss.

We sold our house in Las Vegas. (insert happy dance here! it closed this week!)

My husband is working remotely.

We are homeschooling our preschooler, first grader, and fourth grader.

And…we are taking the kids on a pretty big adventure.

Our itinerary so far looks like this: Maui, Oahu, Samoa, New Zealand, Australia, Hawaii’s Big Island…then depending on how homeschooling is going we will either settle down in Montana, or just keep going! Either way, we will be gone for at least three months.

So right now we are homeless, homeschooling, staying in a hotel in Montana, and living out of 5 carry-on bags. Things are more than a little cramped, we are running low on clean underwear, and all of our things are packed into a storage unit. And I haven’t lost my mind YET! 😉

I told you. CRAZY.

If you know me at all, you know that I am a huge homebody, an introvert (not shy, but I need my space), and a worrywart. Like I worry about ALL the things. So this is an experience that will definitely take me far out of my comfort zone.

But we are going to take full advantage of this time together to become closer as a family, to have FUN, to be brave, to explore new places and ideas, and to just be. Without any distractions or obligations or responsibilites.

It is exactly what we need.

Memories are invaluable. I have learned that in the hardest way. But I am so grateful that I learned it early enough at the same time. So that I an make the most of the time I have with my kids while they are young. Because the days are long, but the years are short right?

We will mostly be posting about our adventures on the instagram page @destination_family if you want to follow along. ❤

Also, since I am posting an update, I thought I should include some updated pictures of Addie, Gracie, Hudson, and Bryson. They are all growing so fast…it’s hard to believe!