And just like that, he’s one.

One year ago today, you were born.

You were perfect. Sweet, and tiny, and soft. I loved you instantly.

Your Dad and siblings laughed, smiled, and cried when they first laid eyes on you. We were all so happy to finally meet you. You were the piece to our family that we didn’t even realize had been missing. I don’t know how we ever did life without you!

You have grown from a sweet little 7 1/2 pound peanut, to a playful little boy over the past year. You crawl around our house at lightning speed, getting into everything and anything. You have the softest fuzzy blond hair that sticks straight up after you take a nap. You have the LONGEST eyelashes, and most beautiful big blue eyes. You have sweetest little toothy grin, and give great big slobbery kisses. You love to clap when we cheer for you, and you wave emphatically at yourself in the mirror. You have a voracious appetite! You nursed around the clock for the first 8 months of your life, and you can out eat Gracelyn and Hudson combined most of the time.

You are so young, but you have already traveled the world! You have been to 6 countries (US, Canada, Samoa, Australia, Samoa, and New Zealand). Your short life has been an exhausting and adventurous one. I have loved every second of it.

Loving you has helped to heal my broken heart. I see now that you were always a big part of my plan. I will forever be grateful that such a beautiful light came into my life, just when I needed it most.

I love you forever my sweet boy. Happy birthday Bry Guy. ❤